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Special Diet

Special diet:

  • Mustard sauce with fig, sugar and salt free, in a glass jar of net weight 212 ml.

 Recommended for:meat, cheeses, foie-gras, terin, salads, sausages, dip and ice cream, .........

                                                                                            Μουστάρδα με σύκο χωρίς ζάχαρη και αλάτι μπρος


  • Ketchup sauce with tomatoes, sugar and salt free,  in a glass bottle of net weight 250 ml.

Recommended for:  spaghetti, pizza, rice, grilled meat, sausages, potatoes, pulses, tempura, ratatouille, …...

                                                                                Dressing ρόδι και ταχίνι μπρος