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Nutritional value
                                  Nutritional value of olives, olive oil, fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices .   
       The olives, the olive oil and the olive's pate are the basis of the Mediterranean pyramid which is considered a model of healthy diet and factor of longevity. These are within the 10th beneficial foods for human organism. The olive oil is a complete food and a supplement in every meal. Olive's pate also has a high nutritional value. The consumption of olive oil and olives, must be part of our daily diet. Can be used in pasta cooking, rice, salads, dried legumes, fish, meat, pies, pizza, sandwich etc. and the olive's pate served on bread, crackers, sandwich, spagetti, salads, pizza etc.     

          The pyramid of the Mediterranean diet includes fruits and vegetables, rich in fibres, which are on the basis of it and it's necessary for our daily diet. The secret of a healthy diet, is a variety of different groups of products, in equal ratios for the proper function of our body. We consume them either raw or cooked, as breakfast, brunch, dinner, as main meal or as a snack.

           The aromatic herbs and spices give more flavour and aroma and complements our nutrition.

            With respect to the people who cannot consume  salt, sugar we started producing the new line of "special diet".


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