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                                                          Flavour and aromas of Greece.

     In early 1900, Bill Charalambidis left his birthplace Caesarea, of Minor Asia, to go to Istanbul in search of better future. He worked under the supervision of destinguished confectioners. Later on, he opens his own confectionery in Eminonu - Istanbul. Working hard, soon he became known and started to expand, opening wholesale confectioneries in Tahtakale - Istanbul. In 1923, he opened a big, modern confectionery in his own premises, under the company name "Bill Charalambidis & Son", where he took his son Theodor with him ( graduate of High Commercial School of Istanbul) and  taught him the art of confectionery. In 1940, his son Theodor expanded in other food sectors,  such as wholesales of rise, coffees, dried legumes and mini markets in other suburbes of Istanbul ( Pangalti, Macka). In 1965, the family came to Athens, where they focused on other sectors. Today his younger granddaughter of Theodor, Kiveli, who was born in Istanbul, with Marketing studies, with her husband Evangelos Kypreos, chemist ,who was born in Samos and with the assistance of her mother Makrinas Charalambidou and her daughter Elsas Kypraiou, adapted the old family recipies to more contemporary version, so honoring the family tradition and created the workshop "Kiveli".



                                         Istanbul 1938

                              Theodor B. Haralambidis